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You’ve got ‘Book Smarts.’

You understand the fundamentals of Agile theory in the classroom. Book Smarts are important, especially for Scrum Alliance Certification. But, what about Agile practices in the real world? How do you successfully transfer Agile theory to Agile practice in the workplace?

Go from Book Smart to Agile Smart.

Certified ScrumMaster Study GuideThis Scrum Study Guide is aimed at two purposes.

  1. To help you pass the Scrum Alliance Exam(s).
  2. To help you distinguish between Agile concepts in theory and Agile concepts in the real world so that you can gain a mastery of practice and apply it successfully to your workplace needs.

Why? Certifications are necessary because it helps employers recognize those people with advertised skills. People with certified skills are more likely to get ‘the job’. However, it does not mean that certified people will have the real skill to do the job.

The Best of Both Agile Worlds

This study guide is a combination of ‘book theory’ and ‘real world practice’. We use the term ‘Scrum Exam Knowledge’ to describe the concepts you will need to pass the exam. The term ‘Modern Scrum’ is used to describe the scrum concepts that are useful for ‘real world use’. We will call attention to where these two concepts diverge so that you can explore them yourself.

Our distinctions will help you create a separation between ‘pass the exam knowledge’ and ‘agility in action,’ allowing you to go from Book Smart to Agile Smart.

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The Scrum Study Guide includes:
• In depth explanations on all topics included in the Scrum Alliance Exam
• Clear distinctions and discussions Modern Scrum and Scrum Exam Knowledge
• Two 25 question practice exams
• Summaries of key points for each chapter
• Review questions throughout each section
• Designated areas for easy note taking
• Glossary of Scrum terminology
• Contributor section
• Bibliography for further information

Go from Book Smart to Agile Smart.
The Scrum Study Guide

Meet the Scrum Study Guide Contributors

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Meet the Contributors.

Dan Rawsthorne

Senior Consultant, PhD, CST, CSM, CSPO, PMP Dan is a Certified Scrum Trainer with knowledge of many software processes, procedures, and techniques, and brings them all to bear on the problems he sees. He is a firm believer ...

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Jan Beaver, PhD

CSM, CSPO, CSP Jan Beaver is a Ph. D. educator with 25+ years in the software industry. His experience is broad and deep in development, QA, management, and technical writing. As an expert agile ...

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Doug Shimp

Senior Consultant, CST, CSM, CSPO Douglas E. Shimp has 19 years of experience in the technology field. He is a CST (Certified Scrum Trainer), Use Case expert, and Agile Process coach. Doug currently works for 3Back ...

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AJ Biddles

Principal Consultant, CSM, CSPO, CSP A.J. Biddles has over fifteen years of experience in the technology development field and has played key roles in projects large and small: from embedded systems to enterprise web applications. In ...

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Meet the Scrum Study Guide Partners

Partners of Scrum  Guide is an international network of recognized experts in Scrum / Agile training and consulting. We have brought together the best organizations who have the deep experience and muscle necessary to help you gain mastery. Learn from the leaders.

Meet the Partners.

Featured Partner: 3Back

We Make Teams Better. Agile Scrum Training and Consulting We use a well formed team approach in our engagements. Our focus is on people first. We are passionate about both people and technology and how we can ...

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Featured Partner: Get To DoneTM

Get Trained. Get Agile. Your number one constraint in complex product development work is attention. We each have a limited amount of attention. Get To Done is more than just software as a service. Get To ...

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Certified ScrumMaster Exam

Certified ScrumMaster® is a registered trade mark of the Scrum Alliance®. The Scrum Alliance offers this designation to those people who have completed the required ‘Certified ScrumMaster’ training course and passed the required CSM exam. ...

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Modern Scrum

Concepts, Practices and Pathways Agile concepts can be traced backwards for decades in complexity theory, war theories, project management, sociology and most sciences. Agile practices show us how to ‘think about’ and manage the work required ...

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