We have been asked a lot if the Scrum Study Guide really will help you pass the Scrum Alliance ScrumMaster Exam.  The answer is YES, but don’t just take our word for it…Here are just a few snippets of emails we have received over the past few months about the Scrum Study Guide:

“With the assistance of the training guide I was able to pass the test with 100% success. I took the test right after completing the test guide and I swear nearly every question was covered in the study guide. So your class was great for giving real world discussions about what scrum is and how it can work…. and the guide was great for the test. So A++.” -Student from a Certified ScrumMaster Course


“The Scrum Study Guide helped me refresh my memory on Scrum to help me get ready to sit down to take the exam.  Like a lot of folks,  I like to wait til the last minute and having the Scrum Study guide for the ScrumMaster Exam was exactly what I need before the ScrumMaster Exam.” -Mike

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